Operation White
- These are fan characters in the game.
I gave them their own storyline. -

09.13.2020 | Added comic pages

Another #2
Day 1
"White Mask"

The White Mask Group is recognized as one of the terrorist groups that threaten the world. They use chemical weapons and cause bioterrorism in various places. The members of the organization vary in nationality and always wear a white mask. Their goals are unknown, but we guess each of them has a variety of purposes.


“ It’s almost as if I lived for a month here… ”

This is the story of a weak man who joined a terrorist organization.

July 1th, 1996. He was born into an ordinary family. But his basic abilities were not blessed and were below average in all respects. Though his parents expected his success, he always failed to achieve it. When he wanted to drop college off, his parents already had given up about him.

Bertlett U.

December 1th, 2015. It was just another day, when a sudden terrorist attack occur at Bertlett U. He knew about through a TV relay and was glued to it. Then little by little, his curiosity made him act. He searched online for terrorist incidents and successfully contacted people involved in the terrorism. He had several conversations with them online. He was attracted to the organization because the man behind it had a great personality.

The Internet was the only way he could have a conversation.

February 12th, 2016. A few months have passed since then. A man invited him to the organization and he readily accepted it. He was convinced that it would be more meaningful than his current life. At last, he runs away from home. He was already in the organization when his family requested a search for their son. But his life in the organization was not particularly satisfying.



Role: Roamer

When he joined the organization, he gets the opportunity to train for a while at camp owned by that. However, he has little skill or knowledge about the battle, so he only remember that was accused by someone.

And at last, He was placed as Roamer in sieging of Moroccan fortress. There were two other men in the room where he was placed. The first man "Engineer" who becomes his mentor on the battlefield hates weak R. And other man "Ambusher" was a quiet man.

He has poor health from the time was born, and when overstressed on him causes hyperventilation. (This is the fact that only A will notice in the battlefield)

His body is vulnerable.

After R was helped by A, he began to rely on him and began to consider him as father, as R didn’t really experience the presence of a father figure in his family. A is serious and shy and doesn’t like to deal with R’s aggressive approach.

Meanwhile, R gets violated by E very often, and it is painful for him. Over time, R’s body and mind changes little by little. At last when A begins to protect him, R always comes back to E and demands to be used by him.

Conflict Between Comrades


The distortion of his personality is probably because he grew up in an fulfilling, satisfied environment. He was born into a rich family has property. He didn’t have much interest in people so couldn’t understand people’s feelings and was strict with others.

A basement of an Engineer's house

He always spent a lot of money on himself hobbies. And enjoyed to the fullest with most of the fun things in this world. Among them is absorbed in making bombs. Because he is yet to experience “death”, it makes him quite thrilled.

He was good at designing machines as an engineer and actually his technique was contributing to the organization. But teammates avoided interaction with him. He didn’t recognize it that as a big issue but A was the only comrade who acknowledge his talent.

Role: Engineer

E’s large dick and balls were remodeled thanks to his little curiosity. He bullies hostages and weak members of the same organization in order to fulfill his desire. He harms R often, but he holds no special feelings towards R whatsoever. E and Bomber (a member form the same tero organization) often act together. E has a preference to Bomber’s body who has a bomb attached to it.

"I can't answer anything"


Role: Ambusher

He is a very good soldier. He is smart and have the best motor skills. He needed to borrow the power of a large organization to change the system of society. For this reason he abandoned his name, position and reputation, and sought only the strength of his soldiers.

He has experience as a teacher in the past, but resigned it when began to feel hatred towards insufficient societies. Now, he swears loyalty to the organization, so doesn’t have no doubt about killing soldier of enemy.

He has decided to change his life.

But only the child’s cries remind him that himself was a school teacher. It’s unlucky that he and R were the same room. It was impossible for him to ignore R who was injured regardless of war. R’s weak voice and cough make to separate his thoughts.

After “A” witnesses the acts done by E and R, he tries to protect R. But he just can’t get into action because doesn’t know if he should prioritize the goals of organization or R’s protection. He a little bit of a problem, so he thinks he is not that good at sex.

Annoying Noise in Back

The organization has other combat soldiers.

Role: Bomber

He volunteered for an organization to wrap his body with bombs. There are many people who wish to contribute to the organization, and so almost bombers are not afraid of lose their life.

The bomb that Bomber carries was improved by Engineer. He and Engineer are colluding so he would do anything for E.

Role: Roamer(Another)

Who in the world is this guy?
His role looks Roamer. He is always muttering to himself and thinks a lot.When he saw E’s bulge for the first time, he got attracted to it little by little.After that, he tries to befriend E but E continues to ignore him.